Saturday 29 May 2021

National Bowls Day Saturday June 5, 2021

Bowls Canada Celebrates National Bowls Day 

Saturday June 5, 2021

Although we are not able to gather this year to celebrate at our Club, the Brampton Lawn Bowling Club wishes all lawn bowlers a very Happy National Bowls Day.  We are thinking about you and looking forward to when we can bowl together again on our greens.

For virtual celebration events during the week of May 31st, check out the Bowls Canada website.

Stay safe and healthy.

Yours in bowling,


Brampton Lawn Bowling Club

Saturday 15 May 2021

Lawn Bowling in Brampton 2021 Season

Greetings Fellow Lawn Bowling Enthusiasts in Brampton

The Brampton Lawn Bowling Club hopes that everyone is staying safe and well as the Covid-19 pandemic continues around us during this Spring, 2021.  

Unfortunately, due to the continuing restrictions from the Government of Ontario and the City of Brampton, our Club has not been able to open to date.   The future remains uncertain at this time.

Participating in lawn bowling games along with the accompanying much enjoyed fun and friendship with fellow members is being very much missed.

Your Club Executive remains enthusiastically committed to ensuring that lawn bowling returns to our Club as soon as possible.

When games are able to resume, the Club looks forward to welcoming back all of our members along with many new members who look forward to learning to play and enjoying the great sport of lawn bowls.

Please check back here for future updates.

Until we can meet again in person,

Brampton Lawn Bowling Club Executive Committee